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Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt

Olean Bankruptcy Lawyer

Stop the Harassment, Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies
If you feel like you’re drowning in credit card debt, you are among millions of Americans who are wondering what to do with balances that they know they’ll never be able to pay off, coupled with high interest rates that greatly compound the suffering for the debtor. The debt may have resulted from circumstances beyond your control such as a period of unemployment, an income reduction, an illness or a divorce. You may be in a situation in which you have tried diligently for years to pay down what you owe, perhaps working a second job or making other sacrifices in order to satisfy the debt.

The great news is that credit card balances, like unpaid medical bills, represent unsecured debt — debt for which there is no collateral, as opposed to mortgages and car loans that rest the debt against an actual asset like a house or a car — that is usually easily dischargeable in bankruptcy. Constitutionally supported federal laws make it possible for consumers to get legitimate relief from debt that they simply cannot afford, and to stop the stress of phone harassment, wage garnishment and bank levies. Contact us to learn more.

Facilitating Legal Solutions to Credit Card Debt
As Cattaraugus County debt relief attorneys, we help facilitate powerful legal solutions to credit card debt problems. Specifically, we prepare, file and manage Chapter 7 bankruptcies for clients who qualify, helping them clean their financial slate and get a fresh start. In some cases, dealing decisively with credit card debt enables our clients to prevent foreclosure or vehicle repossession by prioritizing and putting money where it needs to go first — to family expenses rather than bank and credit card company coffers.
Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, but for some people it proves to be a highly effective tool. Talking to a bankruptcy lawyer is the best way to determine your next steps.

Contact an Olean Bankruptcy Attorney for a Free Consultation
We offer a free consultation to New York and Pennsylvania residents who are considering bankruptcy. Our firm serves clients from Allegany, Cattaraugus, McKean and Potter counties, as well as other areas. Call Carr Saglimben LLP at 716-376-0331 or toll free at 866-930-0131 for confidential advice.
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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