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Drug Charges

Drug Charges

Olean Drug Defense Lawyer

Drug charges can take many forms, ranging from a simple possession ticket to serious trafficking crimes — and the penalties can range from a small fine to a long prison sentence. If you have been accused of any kind of drug-related offense, we can help you understand the charges against you — and defend you against those charges. Contact us to learn more.

At Carr Saglimben LLP we have represented clients who have been charged with misdemeanors, felonies and violations involving marijuana, prescription medications, cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances.

Aggressive Defense Against New York and Pennsylvania Charges

We defend clients in both state and local courts in New York and Pennsylvania, working to minimize the negative consequences that a conviction will bring. We can help you if you are facing possession, sale or distribution charges that include:

  • Criminal possession of a controlled subs
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance witent to sell
  • Criminal sale of a controlubstance
  • Possession of a controlled ance
  • Possession of a controlled substance with intent to de
  • Sale of controlled substance

In many drug cases, law enforcement utilizes confidential informants (snitches). When this happens, we can challenge the credibility and motives of witnesses or accusers. We can also challenge law enforcement actions such as the search and seizure that led to the arrest.

Alternative Programs May Be Available

If the evidence against you is strong or you wish to qualify for one of a variety of diversion or treatment programs in New York and Pennsylvania, we can help you explore these options and pursue them if they are in your best interest.

Call an Experienced Cattaraugus County Drug Crime Attorney for a Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to all prospective clients from Allegany, Cattaraugus, McKean and Potter counties, and residents of other areas. Call Carr Saglimben LLP at 716-376-0331 or toll free at 866-930-0131 to get your legal questions answered. If you need an Olean drug defense attorney right away, one of our lawyers can represent you.

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