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About Bradford, PA

Sitting just south of the New York-Pennsylvania border, Bradford, PA is a small city with a population of a little over 8,000. Surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains, Bradford manages to hide its beauty in a secluded valley with breathtaking mountains painting the horizon in every direction. Bradford is home to a number of things, including the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, pocket lighter company Zippo, as well as a number of parks and golf courses.

Importance of Legal Advice During Divorce

Seeking legal advice during a divorce is always beneficial. Going through the process of divorcing your spouse can be an emotionally filled experience stemming from the betrayal, sadness, or anger that encompassed the marriage. Our divorce lawyers can provide rational strategies that will help you receive the most closure in terms of property, custody, and more. Due to the years of experience and knowledge of the law that our attorneys have, we have seen cases very similar to yours, however unique it may seem, and we’re equipped with solutions. A tedious task of every divorce proceeding is filling out the paperwork. Not only is it imperative that all documents are filled out, it’s also extremely important that it’s filled out correctly. Submitting erroneous paperwork to the judge will not bode well for you, especially if your spouse filled everything out properly. Our divorce and child support lawyers will guide you through this process, to ensure that all documents are precisely completed in full. For assistance in the Bradford, PA area, get in touch with the divorce lawyers at Carr Saglimben LLP today!

Proudly Working With the Bradford, PA Community

Whether you’re a newcomer, a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, or a lifetime resident, it’s always beneficial to know the proper contacts on the off chance you get into legal issues.The bankruptcy experts, divorce lawyers and criminal defense attorneys at Carr Saglimben LLP are here to assist the Bradford community in a variety of legal matters.


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Schedule a Consultation With Our Child Support & Custody Lawyer

If you’re searching for a qualified child support or custody lawyer, there are countless factors to consider. It’s imperative that you select an attorney that retains a nuanced understanding of all laws and regulations throughout the Bradford, PA region. On top of that, your new lawyer should offer years of experience representing local parents. Your child custody and support lawyer needs to put the best interests of the child first, and that is what Carr Saglimben LLP is here to do. Our child custody lawyer will work diligently with you to ensure your child is comfortable and happy in the future.

Thankfully, the certified team at Carr Saglimben LLP is constantly standing by to provide legal support. Both Attorney Carr and Attorney Saglimben offer a versatile form of counsel to ensure you receive the necessary compensation to care for your children.

All you have to do is contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to schedule a preliminary consultation. We urge you to reach out to our team to get a better sense of our full suite of legal services. We’ll remain by your side throughout each phase of the courtroom process to ensure your ultimate peace of mind.

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