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Managing your budget and property is complicated enough. The added confusion brought on by a divorce can make these complications seem impossible to bear. Your questions and concerns may begin to overwhelm you.

At Carr Saglimben LLP, we have years of experience in walking our clients through the process. From our office in Olean, we offer experienced and personal representation to clients in Salamanca and the surrounding area in New York and Pennsylvania.

We Guide You Through Divorce

We have represented clients in all areas of divorce proceedings, including:
  • Child custody — In divorce cases where children are involved, the children’s best interests are paramount. We can assist you with managing the custody determinations regarding your children.
  • Child support and spousal support/alimony — Our child support lawyers will represent you to ensure that support and alimony payments, if any, are fair.
  • Property division — We can work to ensure that any property is divided in a manner that is fair under the circumstances.
  • Post-divorce modifications — Seeking modifications to an existing divorce decree can be complicated. At our firm, we know the legal standards and how to work through the system to achieve your goals.
  • Uncontested divorces — Perhaps you already know how your divorce will proceed, but you need a lawyer to take care of the details. We can draft all divorce documents for you and submit them to court.
  • Mediation — In mediation, the two parties sit together to create an agreement with which they can both live. We can prepare you for the mediation process and be there with you, if necessary.
  • Litigation — Most divorce cases settle without a trial. If settlement is not an option, we are not afraid to pursue your best interests in litigation.

Importance of Hiring a Divorce & Child Support Lawyer

Expedite the Process: The paperwork and division of assets can be an extremely complex, confusing process. To properly receive your share, it’s imperative that you understand the documents. A divorce attorney has the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you navigate the paperwork efficiently. Deciphering the legal jargon is difficult and hiring an experienced attorney will help you avoid interpreting the terminology yourself. This makes for a much quicker process, so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible.

Serves as a Mediator: The most ideal situation would be to work the divorce out fairly between one another, but unfortunately this is rarely the case, especially when assets and children are involved. Your divorce lawyer can be the middleman between you and your partner, so you won’t have to speak with them face to face. 
Most Likely Your Spouse Has Hired an Attorney: Due to the complexity of the divorce process, your spouse will likely be equipped with a divorce attorney. This being the case, it’s important that you aren’t being taken advantage of with loopholes or complicated jargon. Even if you don’t think your spouse would be involved in taking advantage of you, the same can’t be said for his/her lawyer.
There’s nothing more painful than a prolonged divorce filled with contempt and anger towards your spouse. Seek the professional help necessary by hiring a divorce lawyer as soon as the decision to separate has been made. We even assist with drafting and finalizing separation agreements. Our skilled team of lawyers at Carr Saglimben LLP are here to carry some of your burden, and help you reach your desired outcome.

Put Our Decades of Experience To Work For You

In over 20 years of legal experience, attorney Mike Saglimben has consistently achieved success in divorce proceedings. He will personally guide you through the process, ensuring that you are aware of and understand any decisions you will have to make. He will fight to protect your rights and the best interests of your children.
We can answer any questions that you have. To schedule a free initial consultation with a divorce lawyer, call us or contact us online.
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