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As a parent, you want a say in your child’s upbringing. At our firm, we represent clients who are seeking to gain or retain child custody or visitation rights and who want to be a part of their children’s lives. As experienced family law attorneys, we can use legal channels to seek as much time as possible for you to spend with your child or children. Whether you are seeking full or joint custody, or you need to modify an existing court order because of a change in circumstances, we can utilize our extensive knowledge and experience on your behalf.

We understand that just as every child is unique, no two child custody cases are exactly the same. We represent clients who are married but separated, divorced or never married, as well as clients who are not parents but have a relation to the children, such as grandparents.

Signs You Should Hire a Child Visitation Lawyer

One of the most complex parts of divorce as a parent is not having the ability to see your child every day. At Carr Saglimben LLP, we understand the importance of seeing your children as frequently as possible. Representing yourself in a child custody case can be very risky. Below are various signs it may be time to contact an experienced child visitation lawyer.
  • Your Ex Hired a Lawyer: If your ex has already sought legal help, you should immediately do the same. You do not want to represent yourself in a crucial case. A child visitation lawyer will be able to assist you in creating a good case for yourself.
  • Living in Different Jurisdictions: Different jurisdictions will complicate any custody case. When you and your ex live in a different state or country, you will want to have a child visitation lawyer by your side. Every state and country has different laws when it comes to custody.
  • Your Child May Be in Danger: If you believe your child is in any danger, it is essential to take legal action immediately. Your child’s safety is the most important thing; never hesitate to call 911. Children need to always be provided with a safe environment.
  • Your Ex Prevents You from Seeing Your Child: If your ex is getting in between the relationship of you and your child, it may be time to contact a child visitation lawyer. If you cannot see or speak to your children, a lawyer will be able to help.
Don’t wait to contact a child visitation lawyer when you start seeing any of the signs above. Our team has been assisting people in difficult times for over 20 years and is happy to assist you in your custody case. Call us today so we can get started! We proudly provide services and separation agreements to Chautauqua, Wellsville, Ellicottville, Olean, NY; Warren, Coudersport, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Effective Legal Assistance with Child Support Issues

Since it concerns the well-being of children and the finances of adults, child support can be a sensitive issue for both those who are ordered to pay and those who are ordered to receive support. Whether a child support matter is part of a divorce or it surfaces for unmarried parents, it often requires the involvement of an experienced lawyer to help resolve the situation.
As family law attorneys who know exactly how child support laws and procedures work, we can assist you in establishing or modifying child support orders, and we can help you address violations of child support orders if child support is deliberately not being paid.

Contact a Cattaraugus County Child Support Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Whether you need legal assistance with child custody, support, or visitation, we offer a free consultation to all prospective clients in New York and Pennsylvania. Our child support lawyers serve people from Allegany, Cattaraugus, McKean and Potter counties, as well as other areas. At Carr Saglimben LLP, we are well versed in the legalities and practical challenges of child custody and child support matters. Call our team today to speak with a child custody attorney.
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