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At Carr Saglimben LLP, we represent clients in a variety of different cases. Whether you need a criminal defense attorney, family law attorney, divorce lawyer, or bankruptcy attorney, we are happy to provide the support you need. When your future is at stake, make sure you have the representation you deserve. We proudly serve clients throughout Bradford, PA; Chautauqua, NY; Coudersport, PA; Ellicottville, NY; Olean, NY; Salamanca, NY; Warren, PA; and Wellsville, NY.


Facing bankruptcy is concerning. Luckily, our bankruptcy attorneys are there to sort out the details. We can help you sort out your finances and help you receive the debt relief you require. With our assistance, you can get your future back on track.


Divorce is messy but our divorce attorneys can make the process easier. Because emotions are heighted in divorce cases, it is essential that you have someone to represent you


Our family law attorneys are prepared to help in child custody cases, child visitation cases, and more. Because children are unable to negotiate for themselves, it is vital that a family law attorney is involved in any case involving children. Our child support lawyers can help make sure all the facts are presented and the child gets the best outcome possible.


When you are involved in a criminal defense case, you will want to have an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced with DUI, DWI, drug possession, and other criminal defense cases.

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When you choose Carr Saglimben LLP, our lawyers will work tirelessly to prepare for your case. We will uncover every relevant detail and use our legal experience to your benefit. We will make sure your case gets the attention it deserves. We invite you to give us a call to schedule your free consultation.
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